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Our group has regular monthly meetings, as well as organizes, and/or participates in, many local special events and conferences. Our regular meetings are free and open to anyone who wishes to attend. They currently are on the 1st Wednesday of every month in Fort Lauderdale at Microsoft's office at 6750 North Andrews Avenue, Suite 400, and the 3rd Wednesday of every month in Doral at the Carnival Cruise Lines Conference Center, 3655 NW 87th Avenue. The meetings begin at 6pm with refreshments, then presentations start at 6:30pm. Come to this site for more details, and to find out what great meeting or event is happening next with the South Florida SQL Server User Group!

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RSVP9/17/2014DoralJeff GarbusHow to Rewrite Bad SQL
What makes T-SQL "Bad Code?" Sometimes it is poor performance, sometimes it is un-maintainable spaghetti logic, sometimes it is overuse of shared resources (tempdb, for instance), sometimes it's a failure to make use of the right features, and sometimes it is something else. This session provides before-and-after case studies, with an emphasis on what makes T-SQL code "Bad."
Jeff Garbus has been consulting on and performing technical training for MS SQL Server since 1989, Version 4, on OS/2. Since then, he has worked extensively with each release of the product, specializing in performance and tuning, from concept through legacy system, on systems of all sizes, from small start-up company applications to multi-terabyte data warehouses.
He has been working on large-scale systems for most of that time, having tuned a 100-gig/week throudghput application on MS SQL Server 6, and has scaled many multi-terabyte databases in SQL server.
Jeff ‘s background includes work experience from PC's to Mainframes and back again, in all aspects of IT, from developer, to DBA Manager, to IT Executive. His specialty is performance and tuning with a special emphasis on large-scale projects with very large databases. He is very well known in the industry, having spoken at user conferences and user groups for many years, written articles and columns for many magazines nationally and internationally, as well as having written over a dozen books. He was first certified to teach MS SQL Server in 1989, and is currently an MCT.
He can be easily found at http://www.soaringeagle.biz. Check out his blog, http://mssqlperformance.blogspot.com/

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